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Anthony Pearson

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Anthony Pearson

Anthony's first story he ever wrote was called The Bad Guys Try to Steal All the Bank Money when he was six years old.  It was about a group of nefarious ne'er do wells trying to, well, steal all the bank money.   His second story, All for a Car, the Shark Car, was about a race to the dealership to purchase the legendary shark car.  Who wouldn't want a shark car?  He has written many more stories after that, though only a few with equally wonderful titles.

In 2012, his first picture book, Baby Bear Eats the Night, illustrated by Bonnie Leick, was published by Two Lions Press.  He has also written two counseling work books, Counseling with Color and Guidance with Good Measure for Youthlight Books.  His next picture book, Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep, illustrated by Jennifer Morris, will be published by Two Lions Press in the fall of 2018.

Anthony lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife, two children, two dogs, and an unknown creature that scampers through the attic.  He has a black belt in board games and a PhD in Daydreaming (specialized focus: Cloud Watching).